Wealth management with unique insight

JAM Advisors Ltd was founded because we wanted to do things differently compared to traditional wealth managers. We are a modern, innovative and reliable wealth management pioneer.

JAM Advisors Ltd is an innovative Finnish wealth management and analysis firm, independent from banks and with a strong focus on quantitative tools.

Our mission is to assist our clients in achieving an accurate and holistic understanding of their investment portfolios, in terms of content, dimensions and dynamics. The tools that we have developed help us to analyse, to advise and to make investment decisions with unique insight. We want to be renowned for our quantitative wealth management, for our professionalism and for our rigor.

Our client centric wealth management activities are based on dynamic analysis tools and transparent reporting in combination with an independence from banks and abundant investment opportunities based on an open architecture. Our services have been very well received by our clients.

JAM has successfully established itself as a go-to wealth manager and as a trusted adviser for numerous institutional clients, foundations and trusts, family offices and wealthy private clients. Our advice is based on a rigorous reporting and analytics platform which has been developed in-house, and which today houses several billions of euros of client assets.

It is important for us to drive the Fintech evolution forward without prejudice. We are flexible, accurate yet quick. We always work in the best interests of our clients. We are regulated by the FIN-FSA.

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