Systematic investment solutions
based on algorithmic results

The funds managed by JAM are based on systematic and algorithmic portfolio management. As opposed to the funds being managed based on the specific market views of a portfolio manager, the funds follow a set of stringently pre-defined rules and strategies. We utilize our experience and knowledge of big data analysis and our automated processes of administrating large amounts of data, thus enabling the algorithm to objectively decide upon the investment decisions, without the drawbacks of human behaviour. We optimize the portfolio composition and execute all investment decisions into the underlying funds and ETFs as cost-efficiently as possible.

JAM Systematic - World Sectors

The fund offers a cost-efficient access to those global sectors that offer the best possible expected returns at any given point in time.

Efficiently diversified portfolio with a single investment

JAM provides an access solution to real asset classes, where fund availability is typically limited to institutional investors with high minimum investment requirements. Our access fund solution provides efficient diversification with low costs, as all retrocessions are paid back to the fund. The access fund solution has clear tax benefits for long-term investors.

JAM Real Estate

JAM Real Estate investment fund provides an efficient access to global real-estate markets diversified across subclasses in a cost-efficient manner.


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